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Solen presents – free Wutechre mixtape




The title of this post should really be enough, but in case any further convincing is necessary, here’s the rundown.

Straightforwardly self-described as an ‘electronic music band from Dublin, Ireland’, Solen (aka Donal Keating and John Flynn) have taken some time out from working on their own productions to put together this lovely 27 minute download mix, pairing Autechre’s splattergun rhythms back to back with rhymes from the recently(ish) returned Wu Tang Clan.

It’s pretty well done.  Get downloading and see for yourself.  Here’s hoping they do some more of this kind of thing.

Wutechre mix

1 Wu – Bring Da Ruckus (Intro)
2 Tech – V-Proc
3 Wu – Wu Tang Clan Aint Nuthing Ta Fuck Wit
4 Tech – Rale
5 Wu – Severe Punishment
6 Tech – 6IE.CR
7 Wu – A Better Tomorrow
8 Tech – Tewe
9 Wu – C.R.E.A.M.
10 Tech – Arch Carrier
11 Wu – Various – Cash Still Rules (Scary Hours)
12 Tech – Pir
13 Rza/Gza – Third World


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  Vorce wrote @

Just heard this a few days ago. Brilliant!


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