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‘Au or Gold’, Banjo or Freakout at The Macbeth, London

banjo or freakout.jpg

Photo ripped from BOF myspace – credited to Elly

Banjo or Freakout are an unmistakably vital live group currently doing the rounds in London’s clubs.  On record, there’s a lush restrained, tense thing going on, but live, the whole thing’s exploding out.  Peaking levels oozing forth from a couple of SP555s, overdriven guitar -made-alien through a bank of stomp boxes, insistently pounding drums, like a Native American drum circle, and the abstract swirl of Natalizia’s super-delayed vocals.  Go see these after one of these hot summer days.  They will make your evening.  This is THE summer.  Pure goldsounds.  Au.

p.s. New record out too…

It’s called ‘Upside Down’



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[…] Banjo Or Freakout live at The Macbeth, London […]

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