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‘Speechless like…’, Antipop Consortium at Cargo, London

Fluorescent Tube.jpg

Fluorescent Black – the mysterious recording that’s been spoken about ever since the first whispers of an Anti Pop Consortium reformation.

Let me rewind a touch.  Anti Pop Consortium are an IMPORTANT group.  All caps.  No doubt.  Two Warp records releases under their collective belt, a break from the group (at the height of their notoriety) and numerous releases and side projects later, they are back, this time with the mighty Big Dada.  Tonight’s show at Cargo is spellbinding.  The sheer energy being exchanged between APC & the crowd is phenomenal.  The mix is good… vocals well audible, beats crisp, synths stabs alternately warm analogue and cold digi.  Pure bliss.  “We’ll never fake moves” exclaimed Earl Blaise as they teased the crowd with the only piece of retrospective work performed that night… beginning as Ghostlawns the way we all know it, but not even a bar in, everything but vocals dropped out.  Acapella.  So yeah – that’s Ghostlawns acapella.  Kick yourself if you weren’t there.

All the new material sounds totally amazing – both the skewed  instrumentals and blistering vocal tracks.  Awaiting Autumn and the APC’s new dawn.  They had better be coming back to London!  Volcano.


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