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‘When I’m sixty-four’, Cluster at Rich Mix, London


Photo – unknown source

Picture yourself at sixty-four.  Now seventy-four.  Now forget what you just imagined & watch these guys (Cluster – seminal groop) at Rich Mix rinsing some of the wildest sounds this side of the stars:  Hans-Joachim Roedelius (74 years old) &  Dieter Moebius (64 years old).  Post 60… bring it on.

I wasn’t sure what to expect at all… the journey there held premonitions of a trip down memory lane… Old original kit-porn fest for the analog crew… or worst-case scenario, some awful and disappointingly out of touch sounding new stuff.  None of these were even slightly accurate.  Was thinking that ‘memory lane x kit-porn’ would’ve been just fine but Roedelius and Moebius had other plans for the (brilliantly) youthful crowd (had this been held on the Southbank somewhere, it would’ve been totally different).  If there was ever an SMS, letter, phone call, or conversation even that included a mission statement type exchange about this show, the key word could only have been ‘Schlagverstand’ (rough translation – ‘blow minds’).  And minds were blown for sure.  Skittering insectoid beats and tones that you’d expect to her coming from a particularly enlightened & avant obsessed teenager’s overheating laptop shook neutrons and neurons.  Come back soon!  Play Plastic People.  Blow minds.


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