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‘Light-speed, psychedelic’, Daedelus at The Rhythm Factory, London

Before commencing a late night set in one of the hottest London summers in recent memory, Alfred ‘Daedelus‘ Darlington with an ear-to-ear smile beamed into the mic, ‘this reminds me of LA… it’s crazy… thanks for coming out on such a hot night… ‘.  He was right, 12.45am and still t-shirt weather outside.  Lush day followed by balmy night.  ‘… we’re gonna have some fun’.  Correct again.  Mic down, faders up, East London’s Rhythm Factory was treated to a whole ridiculously generous hour and a half of pure bliss.  His furious production blended with Beach Boys samples, snatches of Dilla beats and even a low-end-rich rework of East Flatbush Project’s’ ‘Tried by Twelve’.  All delivered at a blistering pace and performed in Darlington’s inimitable style, never far away from a change-rabid rapid sonic shift.   BPM nudged high to match the intensity of the summer heat.  Every beat tripping over into the next.  The stuttering intensity of the soundsystem-stretching set echoed by the flicking limbs of the beat hungry crowd, happily giving their minds and bodies up to a shattered, light-speed, psychedelic odyssey.  London just got a few degrees hotter.


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