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‘Raffle’ – T.B.D. & Gyratory System at Catch 22, London


So I don’t get time to go to many random shows these days.  Tonight was a rare occasion.  Sketchily laid plans with an old friend led us to Catch to see a couple of bands late in the evening.  I have to say that I had no idea what to expect & was both impressed and baffled in equal measure.  Tonight it was Meat Raffle taking over the venue.  It was strangely cool that it was like a suburban night club atmosphere.  Both bands (I think there was one before these two, but we missed them unfortunately) had a style that seemed perfectly suited to a Saturday night affair.  The crowd reacted well & a good time was had for sure.  All of Gyratory System knew their way around their instruments – coaxing strange sounds from the heavily effected brass, tighter than tight bassist, and the drummer’s smart use of an SPD-S (?) & the keyboard player/vocalist of T.B.D. juggled synth, fx & mic with finesse.  There were even some catchy, energetic hooks and stuff from both bands.  All in all, really good fun.  Try and catch both those bands if you get a chance. .




‘Chrome bright’ – Telepathe at Catch 22, London


Melissa Livaudais


Telepathe's Busy Gangnes


Punters at last night’s No Pain in Pop & Eat Your Own Ears show at Shoreditch’s Catch 22, were in for a treat from the newly (temporarily?) guitar-guy-less Telepathe.  Leaned down to a two-girl live unit, they in short, absolutely nailed it…


The bunker-like upstairs of Catch, complete with a hefty club-style soundsystem was perfectly suited to their electrified future pop jams.  Apparently, they were “this close to getting deported” earlier that day according to Melissa Livaudais’ pre-set banter.  Luckily for the heaving, beat-thirsty crowd, they managed to evade that fate to bring the noise and temporarily thaw a freezing East London night with a high volume, and bass-heavy set.


“We were this close to getting deported…”


In characteristic style, the two Brooklynites blazed through their songs in a refreshingly no-nonsense manner, Busy Gangnes standing tranced out over her minimal drum set, pounding out polyrhythms, whilst Melissa got all electric B-girl on the mic, firing up the crowd.  An amazing show from Telepathe.
The No Pain in Pop DJs did an amazing job of further seeing off the sudden freeze outside with some choice shuffly electronics getting an airing. Namely the Jamie Vex’d remix of Scuba’s Twitch, bursting forth from the speakers like the mutant lovechild of Flying Lotus and Oval.  There’s some amazing stuff coming out of suburban laptops on both sides of the Atlantic these days.  Seems that the future’s here & it’s looking chrome bright.


Roll on February & the release of  Telepathe’s full length, Dance Mother.


Photographs courtesy of Namestage on Flickr.
Full set here