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‘Sound storm’, Actress at CAMP, London

Storm of sound.  Air shaken wildly. Werk it.

(video found here)


‘Light-speed, psychedelic’, Daedelus at The Rhythm Factory, London

Before commencing a late night set in one of the hottest London summers in recent memory, Alfred ‘Daedelus‘ Darlington with an ear-to-ear smile beamed into the mic, ‘this reminds me of LA… it’s crazy… thanks for coming out on such a hot night… ‘.  He was right, 12.45am and still t-shirt weather outside.  Lush day followed by balmy night.  ‘… we’re gonna have some fun’.  Correct again.  Mic down, faders up, East London’s Rhythm Factory was treated to a whole ridiculously generous hour and a half of pure bliss.  His furious production blended with Beach Boys samples, snatches of Dilla beats and even a low-end-rich rework of East Flatbush Project’s’ ‘Tried by Twelve’.  All delivered at a blistering pace and performed in Darlington’s inimitable style, never far away from a change-rabid rapid sonic shift.   BPM nudged high to match the intensity of the summer heat.  Every beat tripping over into the next.  The stuttering intensity of the soundsystem-stretching set echoed by the flicking limbs of the beat hungry crowd, happily giving their minds and bodies up to a shattered, light-speed, psychedelic odyssey.  London just got a few degrees hotter.

‘Speed smeared’, Visions of Trees – Sometimes it Kills EP

It’s early February.  Snow has melted and the dull clouds are parting.  Blue skies and sunshine reappear like a half-remembered video effect.  Resolution up.  HD.  Serotonin floods back into hibernating minds.  Spring is coming.  Close your eyes for a moment & stand in the light.  A passing car blares out indistinct murmurs of radio pop. The sound is a brief splash, speed-smeared and skewed, Doppler effect wonky & truncated.  One bar melding idly into the next as displaced seconds & decades collide simultaneously as in the idle thoughts of a yet to be discovered particle. Today is the official release date of an EP called ‘Sometimes it Kills’ by London duo, Visions of Trees.  This is that sound extended.  Dreamt out in bullet time sonics.

Cult of Cobras mp3

Get the EP from Royal Rhino Flying Records

Visions of Trees website & myspace

‘Au or Gold’, Banjo or Freakout at The Macbeth, London

banjo or freakout.jpg

Photo ripped from BOF myspace – credited to Elly

Banjo or Freakout are an unmistakably vital live group currently doing the rounds in London’s clubs.  On record, there’s a lush restrained, tense thing going on, but live, the whole thing’s exploding out.  Peaking levels oozing forth from a couple of SP555s, overdriven guitar -made-alien through a bank of stomp boxes, insistently pounding drums, like a Native American drum circle, and the abstract swirl of Natalizia’s super-delayed vocals.  Go see these after one of these hot summer days.  They will make your evening.  This is THE summer.  Pure goldsounds.  Au.

p.s. New record out too…

It’s called ‘Upside Down’


‘Don’t touch the levels now’, Theo Parrish at Plastic People, London

theo parrish.jpg

So… if you haven’t made it down to one of these yet then you have time to rectify it, but not long.  Legendary DJ and producer, Theo Parrish is doing a monthly residency at London’s finest…  Plastic People.  With Parrish spending the entire night behind the wheels of steel, the best advice I can give is to get there early before bar kick out crew, find a spot, close your eyes, and let the rest happen as it does.

Remaining dates: 6th June, 4th July, 1st August

Good video interview here:


And listen to this…

‘Everything forever’, Mi Ami at The Macbeth, London

Mi Ami

Photo ripped from Mi Ami myspace (location/ photographer unknown)

Last night Mi Ami played at The Macbeth on Hoxton Street, taking in a London stop on their Euro tour.  After a tentative start (which through no fault of their own included a badly behaved mic stand that appeared to have been possessed by the spirit of a Harold Lloyd prop, Fantasia-style, spinning around away from wherever it needed it to be), Mi Ami, took the gathered crowd at The Macbeth, primed their minds with intricate little polyrhythms, slicked the whole affair up with heavy bass, distracting their bodies into relaxing, spaced things out with heavily delayed sharp guitar clank, and delivered the sucker punch of brilliantly sore throat inducing androdgyvox.  The audience was so wowed and thirsty for more, they found it impossible to just let the band go home and rest their weary limbs.  A number of encores ensued, and the amicable three-piece were kind enough to oblige and attempt to quench the thirst.  Of course, these attempts were equivalent to pouring petrol on a fire to put it out… the more they played, the more they were wanted.  Absolutely brilliant.  Carved out a (deep) space and drew us all in.  This was a mind blowing show.  Pure Energie.  Try and catch them before the venues are too big for the intensity of the experience available at cosy spaces like this place.

In the meantime… buy EVERYTHING before it sells out FOREVER.  Everything.  Stoke this flame.  Bring them back to the UK.  Picked a few up at the show and they are lush looking/feeling/sounding things.  New vinyl excitingly titled “Techno 1.1” due soon too on Hoss Records…http://www.myspace.com/miamiamiami

mi ami hoss

Oh, and here’s a clip of their penultimate encore song…

‘Speechless like…’, Antipop Consortium at Cargo, London

Fluorescent Tube.jpg

Fluorescent Black – the mysterious recording that’s been spoken about ever since the first whispers of an Anti Pop Consortium reformation.

Let me rewind a touch.  Anti Pop Consortium are an IMPORTANT group.  All caps.  No doubt.  Two Warp records releases under their collective belt, a break from the group (at the height of their notoriety) and numerous releases and side projects later, they are back, this time with the mighty Big Dada.  Tonight’s show at Cargo is spellbinding.  The sheer energy being exchanged between APC & the crowd is phenomenal.  The mix is good… vocals well audible, beats crisp, synths stabs alternately warm analogue and cold digi.  Pure bliss.  “We’ll never fake moves” exclaimed Earl Blaise as they teased the crowd with the only piece of retrospective work performed that night… beginning as Ghostlawns the way we all know it, but not even a bar in, everything but vocals dropped out.  Acapella.  So yeah – that’s Ghostlawns acapella.  Kick yourself if you weren’t there.

All the new material sounds totally amazing – both the skewed  instrumentals and blistering vocal tracks.  Awaiting Autumn and the APC’s new dawn.  They had better be coming back to London!  Volcano.