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‘Light-speed, psychedelic’, Daedelus at The Rhythm Factory, London

Before commencing a late night set in one of the hottest London summers in recent memory, Alfred ‘Daedelus‘ Darlington with an ear-to-ear smile beamed into the mic, ‘this reminds me of LA… it’s crazy… thanks for coming out on such a hot night… ‘.  He was right, 12.45am and still t-shirt weather outside.  Lush day followed by balmy night.  ‘… we’re gonna have some fun’.  Correct again.  Mic down, faders up, East London’s Rhythm Factory was treated to a whole ridiculously generous hour and a half of pure bliss.  His furious production blended with Beach Boys samples, snatches of Dilla beats and even a low-end-rich rework of East Flatbush Project’s’ ‘Tried by Twelve’.  All delivered at a blistering pace and performed in Darlington’s inimitable style, never far away from a change-rabid rapid sonic shift.   BPM nudged high to match the intensity of the summer heat.  Every beat tripping over into the next.  The stuttering intensity of the soundsystem-stretching set echoed by the flicking limbs of the beat hungry crowd, happily giving their minds and bodies up to a shattered, light-speed, psychedelic odyssey.  London just got a few degrees hotter.


‘Don’t touch the levels now’, Theo Parrish at Plastic People, London

theo parrish.jpg

So… if you haven’t made it down to one of these yet then you have time to rectify it, but not long.  Legendary DJ and producer, Theo Parrish is doing a monthly residency at London’s finest…  Plastic People.  With Parrish spending the entire night behind the wheels of steel, the best advice I can give is to get there early before bar kick out crew, find a spot, close your eyes, and let the rest happen as it does.

Remaining dates: 6th June, 4th July, 1st August

Good video interview here:


And listen to this…