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‘Don’t touch the levels now’, Theo Parrish at Plastic People, London

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So… if you haven’t made it down to one of these yet then you have time to rectify it, but not long.  Legendary DJ and producer, Theo Parrish is doing a monthly residency at London’s finest…  Plastic People.  With Parrish spending the entire night behind the wheels of steel, the best advice I can give is to get there early before bar kick out crew, find a spot, close your eyes, and let the rest happen as it does.

Remaining dates: 6th June, 4th July, 1st August

Good video interview here:


And listen to this…


‘If dancefloors could dream’, Flying Lotus at FWD, Plastic People


*picture (from a Stateside show) by Ian Mayer ripped from The Fader

A random myspace bulletin check on a Sunday night train bore juicy fruit last night.  After missing out on tickets for the Vauxhall show, I found that Flying Lotus would be playing London again in an hour or so at Plastic People.  Heading into the dark box was a pretty different story to Theo Parrish the night before.  Where for Theo, there was a nice amount of space & air to compliment his breezy show, tonight, FWD was a proper pit – a mass of twitching frames & shuffling feet.  Kode 9 played an alien breed of rhythms to coax human muscles into new forms, then after a number of rewinds, passed over to homme du jour, Flying Lotus.  If dancefloors could dream, it would sound something like this.  Echoes of dubs past, left floating in dusty, stagnant echo chambers were called upon to drift and shuffle past each other, their ragged frames mutated through the sheer velocity of their travel, leaving searing, acidic traces behind of their own particular strain of low frequency radiation.  Condensed hardcore continuum history lesson.  Lotus on Fire.  Check the mp3…http://dubstep.lv/forum/viewtopic.php?t=719&sid=eafdd7d0811168fbc1a557b8ffedd90f

BTW… at the start of the FlyLo set, where it all stops and the MC is all like, “We’ve got some technicals… I thought that was the tune”  Well, to me, that shit sounded pretty good too.  More ‘technicals’ please.

BTW part 2… 42 minutes in – Kode 9.  Pitch shifting, mangled, C21, attention deficit version of early 90s house.  If you know what that tune’s called & where I can buy it.  Comment and let me know.

BTW part 3… essential reading – Kode 9 & Derek Walmsley  unedited Wire magazine interview transcript. http://www.thewire.co.uk/articles/2439/?pageno=1