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‘Raffle’ – T.B.D. & Gyratory System at Catch 22, London


So I don’t get time to go to many random shows these days.  Tonight was a rare occasion.  Sketchily laid plans with an old friend led us to Catch to see a couple of bands late in the evening.  I have to say that I had no idea what to expect & was both impressed and baffled in equal measure.  Tonight it was Meat Raffle taking over the venue.  It was strangely cool that it was like a suburban night club atmosphere.  Both bands (I think there was one before these two, but we missed them unfortunately) had a style that seemed perfectly suited to a Saturday night affair.  The crowd reacted well & a good time was had for sure.  All of Gyratory System knew their way around their instruments – coaxing strange sounds from the heavily effected brass, tighter than tight bassist, and the drummer’s smart use of an SPD-S (?) & the keyboard player/vocalist of T.B.D. juggled synth, fx & mic with finesse.  There were even some catchy, energetic hooks and stuff from both bands.  All in all, really good fun.  Try and catch both those bands if you get a chance. .